Marine Shaft is specialized in class approved cold straightening of propeller shafts and rudder stocks.

With purpose-built equipment that can press up to 6.000 tons, and many years of experience, there is the capacity to straighten shafts of all sizes – from 20mm to more than 1.000mm in diameter.
The cold straightening procedure is fully approved from leading classification societies and is considered to be a permanent repair without recommendation. All work is done in close cooperation with the classification societies, and a certificate is issued on each individual repair.

Save time and money: Straightening of shafts is a much faster and economical solution than manufacturing of new shafts. Many jobs can be completed within 24-48 hours from arrival at the workshop.

Apart from class approved cold straightening, Marine Shaft also specializes in:

Manufacturing of new propeller shafts and rudder stocks
Reconditioning of rudders and rudder arrangements
Repair of Simplex rudder stocks
Reconditioning of propeller equipment
Repair of propeller blades and fixed propellers
Mobile machining
Welding of shafts
Heat treatment
Micro welding of scratches and impact marks
Casting of white metal
Coating of shafts

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