Tepro-Trimax Unique Building Material by Kaminco

Dear Sirs,
We would like to introduce to you a unique building material we are offering for your review. Please see below and attached PDF file:
Trimax is a technically approved high grade and glass fibre reinforced synthetic building material used in hydraulic engineering, coastal protection and hydraulic steel construction. It is the best solution for numerous different applications.
This unique building material is:
  • The only recycling plastic material with admission from the building authorities (DIBT-Z-10.9-357) – the static is reliably calculable
  • A fiber-glass reinforced plastic building material
  • Internationally approved at Water-, Hydraulic Steel Construction and Landscaping
  • The efficient and beneficial-to-the-environment alternative to impregnate and tropical wood
  • The ideal building material of water-change regions and earth-moving
  • Rotting solidly – longer outwearing as domestic- or tropical wood
  • Skid-proofed
  • Water-repellent and frost-proofed
  • Resistant against insects, fungal and boring-shell (Teredo Navalis) decay
  • Nontoxic for flora and fauna (Hygiene Institution of the Rhine-Region)
  • Recyclable – we guarantee the withdrawal and the recycling
  • Unlimited in length (limited only by transportation) – other cross sections on Demand
  • Simply in maintenance – after building and while utilization as compared to wood there is no need of after treatment like coating or painting
We will be happy to visit you with samples of the material so you can have a better picture.
Hoping to hear from you soon and remaining at your disposal for any further information.

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